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The Factory “ElectroCable” introduced import substitution cables at III economic forum in Vladimir

On 29th and 30th May in Vladimir there was the 3rd economic forum “Vladimir region is the territorial center of import substitution”. This is an important event in region’s business life and the regular participant of this forum is AO “ElectroCable” Kolchuginskiy Factory”.
One of the main events of the forum was the exhibition of industrial and agricultural products of Vladimir producers and enterprises from Volgograd region. The fact is that one of the strategic tasks of the forum is the building of trade centers of import substitution and the factory “ElectroCable” must join the number of factories, which are going to become the main participants of the center of important substitution for the oil and gas complex.

The work of OOO “HKA” at the showcase was very active. The guests of the exhibition display were both regular partners and potential clients. The delegation headed by governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova and vice-chairman of the Russian Federation Government Arkadiy Dvorkovich visited the showcase. Arkadiy Dvorkovich was interested in innovative cable with the covering from silicon rubber.

The factory “ElectroCable” was the partner of the round-table discussion “The inculcation of successful practice of the stable development is the main factor for the providing with import substitution and improvement of investment climate”. While speaking at the meeting, director of AO “ElectroCable Factory” Aleksey Prokhorov noticed:

— Mostly we don’t substitute import, but forestall it. Even today “The Holding Cable Alliance” offers to the consumers such cables, which excel in operating characteristics other imported analogues.

In the report Aleksey Prokhorov emphasized that for the last year with the help of the holding there have been worked out more than 200 new items within the bounds of the program of import substitution in such segments as ship’s cables, mining cables, cables for oil and gas industry, transmission facility cables and burying cables, fiber-optic cables.

An absolutely new product was introduced to the participants of the forum. It was medium voltage cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation with current-conducting cable of sector shape.

Manufacturers pointed to some moments, that prevent from the development of the cable industry. They are the absence of domestic materials for cable and wires manufacturing in some cases, insufficient consistency of all the participants of the process in questions of import substitution. Producers think, that the main problem is high-volume production of adulterated cable products.

Director of OOO “HKA” Arkadiy Rudoy says:

— We release a wide nomenclature of products, which has excellent quality and fulfills the needs of many regions of national economy. Nowadays the first task is to get to know about us. And we do it at meetings like economic forum. Meetings, discussions, exchange of opinions strengthen our relations with partners and help to gain the market.